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10 Markets Looking For Freelance Writers

Freelance writers have never had it so easy to find good places and platforms where they can find work. Even though the Internet is seen as a major force that has changed the way information is shared and spread, there are still a lot of traditional and complementary ways to make money writing.

Let’s look at the 10 markets below that are always looking for freelance writers and where there is always a lot of work.

1- Newspapers: Editors of newspapers are always looking for talented new writers who can do feature articles or write about current events. They often need to reach out to people who don’t usually read their work, and freelance writers with new ideas can help them do that.


2: Community Papers: Writing for community papers isn’t very well paid, but there are a lot of opportunities to do so, and many successful freelance writers have used this as a way to start lucrative writing careers.


3: In-flight magazines: This is a goldmine because they need writers who can appeal to people from all over the world. You can easily get a writing job if you are talented and have been to many places.


4: Corporate Organizations: As the economy has gotten worse, many large corporations have cut back on their public relations staff and are now using freelance writers for their internal magazines and press releases.


5 – Small Business Owners: This is a huge chance for them, since most of them want to focus on their main business, which is selling and making more money. They don’t have the time, the desire, or, in many cases, the skills to tell the rest of the world about their products and services.


6: Website owners: If you know how to write Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content that makes web pages rank higher, you will never run out of work.


7: Governmental Agencies: Public agencies often don’t have the staff with the experience and skills needed to read and correct a lot of paperwork, so they hire freelance writers to help.


8: Publishing Houses: It’s a myth that publishing houses have all the skills and talented writers they need in-house and don’t need to hire outside help. They do need writers from outside the company to catch mistakes, especially when editing jobs are involved.


9: eBook Publishers: The shift from traditional paper books to electronic books, or Ebooks, has shaken up the industry. Freelancers are needed not only to edit, but also to write and give readers a wide range of interesting and new topics to read about.


10: Writers who work on their own: Surprise, surprise. Many successful freelance writers have so much work that they need to hire other writers to do some of their work.


You can get paid to write if you work hard to connect with the 10 markets above that need freelance writers.


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