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5 Reasons Why You Should Never Hire the First Freelance Writer

“Catch me up as a freelance writer. Can write cheaply and well. The job was done quickly and professionally” – look at the ad.

This sounds like someone I’d like to hire to help me with my current freelance writing backlog. But what do I see when I scroll through the ad lists and search engine results pages? I see tens of thousands of ads for freelance writers. I am dizzy. Each of these recruited freelance writers said they were the best people I hired.


What we all call “article marketing” has been driving the freelance writer world crazy for the past few years. As long as one can create a plausible word net, it doesn’t matter whether it makes sense or not. They can start their own business as freelance writers.


If you think I’m belittling these writers for no reason, please wait. I certainly don’t! I have to commend some of the freelance writers I’ve hired in the past who did a great job without asking too much and I still use them. On the other hand, the rest must be shot. Shot for hurting the freelance writer market.


There are already too many people in the freelance writing market. People everywhere say they are freelance writers who “write from the comfort of their own home” and have “relevant experience.”


As an employer or business owner, here are some questions to ask yourself before hiring a freelance writer for your work. On the basis of these questions you can determine whether the author is a good fit for you.


Can the freelance writer you want to hire work overtime to write in a way that grabs your readers’ attention? There are many words on the market. Does yours stand out?

Can an author write in a professional and fun way that makes people want to read more, or better yet, buy something from you or use your service?

Can the freelance writer you hire guarantee that you will get something unique? If so, how do you think you can trust him or her? Do you think authors can copy, paste, rearrange and edit the work of others and then pass it off as their own?

Remember that the freelance writer you hire is not responsible for you if you get into trouble for plagiarizing someone else’s work. If a search engine bans you, you can’t say, “Okay, I’ll tell them!” “He or she did it! I didn’t know the content belonged to someone else!”

Finally, read examples from copywriters or ghostwriters to see if they can write in a way that won’t waste your money. Instead of buzzing around like a sign, try a fun or novel way to surprise or at least inform the theme.

A lot of it is guesswork, but when you find the right freelance writer for the job, you’ll be glad you did your research.


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