1. I now write articles that are longer. I make sure to write longer posts so I can keep up with the latest change Google made to its algorithm. Even though I write between 500 and 1000 words per post, I never forget to use keyword phrases strategically, place the keywords in the content, and measure keyword density. Long posts are good, but for a post to become popular and get more readers, it needs to be good. Google isn’t the only one who reads your site; you also have real people who want to know things.

2. I make sure that the name of my site and its URL are easy for search engines to find. In SEO blogging, the keyword is still the best tool. So, I don’t just use keywords in the content of my site; I also use them in my domain name and website name. URLs and site names that are easy to understand, include keywords, and are related to the niche are better for SEO.


3. I always know what’s new. I like to know what’s going on and hate to be kept in the dark. I wanted to learn more about SEO and blogging, so I signed up for blogs and websites from Yahoo!, Bing, and especially Google.


4. I’m willing to hear new ideas. I read blogs and websites from other industries and niches. I love reading the news because it gives me ideas for posts I want to write.


5. I use WordPress and the great add-ons it has. Blogger may have won the battle of the blogging platforms, but I like WordPress better. Since I’m just an average blogger who doesn’t know much about Web design, WordPress plugins help me become a better hands-on blogger.


6. I chose a good theme for my blog. More than just looking good, the SEO-friendly themes on WordPress make it easy for me to put up other small blogs.


I think back. The algorithms that search engines use change all the time, so SEO techniques have to be changed to keep up. But as things change quickly and suddenly, we tend to forget the old-school SEO ideas that used to help us succeed.


8. I pay attention to SEO sayings and cliches. There are sayings and phrases because they are often true. If experts say “Content is king” or “Link building isn’t dead yet,” I believe them and do what they say.


9. I often have my website checked. Since I don’t know much about the Web, I have a professional check my website. My blog and my website are linked, and I make sure that their design, speed, etc. are always in sync. Web experts say that websites also need to be fixed and kept up to date. This taught me how important it is to have SEO-friendly Web elements and a fast site.


10.I add pictures to each post and put keywords in the file names of the pictures. Keywords are really important if you want your site to be successful and popular. Even the names of the photos you use in your posts should have keywords in them. I also use pictures to break up the blocks of text in the posts on my blog.


11. I make links with other bloggers. I talk to other bloggers for more than just building links. I read and comment on their blogs, but I also send them emails, add them to my Facebook and Twitter accounts, and talk to them about ideas.


12. I give and I get. I never forget to let other people know about my posts by sharing them on my social media accounts. I like Share buttons because they let people from different niches see my posts.


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